Desire Valette Theater



Built according to the plans of architect Jean Brunel, at the request of Senator-Mayor Désiré VALETTE, this theater was inaugurated in 1934.

Its original features included magnificent Art-Deco stained glass windows on the facade and a dome in the same style adorning the ceiling.

The main door and the railings of the balconies contained admirable wrought ironwork.

These works of art were unfortunately destroyed by American bombs on August 16th 1944.

Its remarkable mobile floor is supported by a single, hot-riveted, Eiffel type metal frame weighing twenty-three tons, which rests only on a central axis, articulated according to the principle of the Roberval balance.

This mechanism makes it possible, in a matter of minutes, to switch it from a horizontal position to a 30° inclined position.

Thanks to a clever system, it is then possible to remove the seats stored under the stage. This theater then offers six hundred seated and numbered places.

At the back, the well-equipped boxes are a nod to the Belle-Epoque era.

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