Saint-Valere Church



This building, originally in Romano-Byzantine style, saw its apse replaced by the construction of the very beautiful sepulchral chapel of Poitiers, in flamboyant Gothic style, in 1500 by Aymar VI, Diane’s grandfather.

In 1782, the bottom of the church, destroyed by the religious wars in 1568, was rebuilt in a neo-Greek style.

The bell tower attached to the building was rebuilt by the Saint-Vallier inhabitants between 1611 and 1623, replacing the polygonal bell tower, which was located above the nave, also destroyed during the religious wars.

Church listed as Heritage on July 4th 1972.

To learn more:

Guided tours of the city are available all year round for groups of ten people minimum.

Bookings to be placed with the Tourist Information Centre 04 75 23 45 33,
or with the Association: “Saint-Vallier Histoire & Patrimoine”: 04 75 23 20 97

Duration: 2h30min