Franchise Street



In 1479, under the protest pressure of the Saint-Vallierois, Aymar VI of Poitiers came to this street to take note of their protests.

At that time, the owners had to pay the “taille”, known as the five imperial cases, which were as follows:
– when the lord married a girl
– when he went on a crusade
– when he was supporting a war
– when he was a prisoner for ransom
– when buying a barony

These taxes, which could be due at any time of the year and which were lifted immediately, prevented the owner from planning any provisions. Aymar VI complied and the new tax took the name of “right of Villefranche”. It was now taken once a year, on a fixed date and apparently was less expensive!

The street took the name of “Rue de la Franchise / Franchise street” and a stone was embedded into the wall to celebrate this event. Unfortunately, it disappeared during the 20th century.

What seems to be a legend was attached to this stone: “Any criminal or convict, arriving in this street, could not be apprehended by the sergeants as long as he touched the stone of frankness with his hand”.

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